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I'll quickly put you at ease with my warm, genuine nature. You'll find yourself tempted, enticed, excited and, simultaneously, deeply comfortable.

If you want to get truly lost in my spell, spend some time with me and let me work my magic.

I particularly enjoy intentional and healing interactions - remember that carving out time for yourself can be a bold act of self care.

Each moment we spend together is unique and unscripted, simply a pure moment of human connection, distilled into the perfect escape.

This is just a glimpse of the mystery that is Miss Addie V... schedule some time to get to know me.


For those that long to know a little more...

I've never been great at talking about myself. I'm more of a show-er than a tell-er. Though there are times I can be quite chatty!

I equally enjoy a night in as I do an evening out.

I love delicious and adventurous food and am unashamed of my enjoyment of fruity drinks.

Yes, I do enjoy long walks on the beach. Or a promenade. Also city parks.... Even malls. A nice walk is underrated. 

I get witchy in the moonlight. 

Parents love me, but dear goodness please never ask me to meet yours.

Don't let this next one scare you... I'm an experienced Dominatrix. But don't let that dissuade you from a good ol' vanilla indulgence or a steamy, spicy encounter... It simply means I'm excellent at this artistic medium. I'm just the drink of water you need in these arid times. 

I welcome opportunities for fetish play and would love to hear about your thoughts, in a respectful, non explicit fashion, after we've gotten our preliminaries out of the way. 

Greek is not my taste. But all other cuisine is welcomed! I do not eat gluten, wheat, or barley, so do keep that in mind. There's plenty on the menu to explore, let's discuss.

I'm at home in an arcade or an opera house. Occasionally I'm quiet and thoughtful, other days I'm chatty and outgoing. I enjoy being able to express the different facets of myself, from the alt girlfriend to the lady on your arm, with the perfect amount of girl next door thrown in. 

An acquired taste or intoxicating from the first sip? Come get a taste of me and see what I unlock within you.

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