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I have a deep passion for emotional and sexual healing and welcome opportunities to work alongside other modalities on your journey to self understanding and authentic expression.

Regardless of the type of relaxation you enjoy, you're more than likely to find an option that fits your flare!

I session with all genders, races, orientations, and relationship dynamics.  I do not session with rude or demeaning people.

Healing Touch Massage

A combination of Tantric energy work and light, sensual massage to help you bring your awareness back to your body.

60m  450

90m  675

Authentic  N u r u: +100


A comfortable, yet titillating experience that will leave you relaxed for days.


Choose from a quick getaway to a long, luxurious experience.

30m  450

60m  650

90m  950

2h 1200

3h w/ meal  $1800

Extended Dates -

With a Meal & a Plan

Intimacy & Awareness Coaching

A holistic approach to reconnecting with your body, sexuality, and awareness.

I work with all genders, orientations, and relationship dynamics.

Tell me more about what you're looking for.


90m  1,100

2h  1,500 

3h  2,200


90m  1,350

2h  1,800

3h  2,700

Polycules and other arrangements welcome!

Fetish Exploration

Begin exploring your shadow self with some fetish and kink play...


This option is only available at my incall location right outside DC.

Final price is dependent upon what you're seeking.


If you're looking to more deeply submit to Me, read through My alternate site:

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